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[Gmod-ajax] Hide track labels not working when 'nav=0'


Hello all,


I upgraded to the latest JBrowse-1-12.3 version and was hoping to use the new feature that can hide track labels in the browser.  Once testing it, it does in fact hide the track labels successfully when inserting ‘tracklabels=0’ into the URL or adding the related attribute in the configuration file.  However in the URL, when ‘nav=0’ is set, that is turning off the navigation bar, the tracklabels=0 setting doesn’t work anymore and the track labels reappear.


The reason I ask is that we are trying to embed a miniature version of JBrowse in another page, so as to create a type of ‘snapshot’ for each gene model in our genomes which is why we have to set nav=0, tracklist=0 and overview=0 so that it simply shows the gene model within a fixed location.


I work at Xenbase, a model organism database (MOD), and I believe we as well as other MODs can benefit from having this ‘hide track labels’ feature fully functional in all scenarios as having a snapshot of a gene model was something used frequently in GBrowse.


Please let me know if you know how to make this option active in all situations even when nav=0, if that’s possible.





Vaneet Lotay

Xenbase Bioinformatician

716 ICT Building - University of Calgary

2500 University Drive NW

Calgary AB T2N 1N4



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