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Eric Rasche-2
Howdy all,

I've done some work on JBrowse theming this week and wanted to share the results with the community.

Complete Themes

I've built two new themes, a "Minimal" one and a "Dark" one.

Minimal theme Dark theme
(the large blue part in the dark theme is a highlight)

Theme Components
After some discussion, I went to further split up these full themes into what I'm calling "ThemeComponents". The idea with theme components is that not everyone will like all of my design choices. Thus, it would be optimal if you, the JBrowse admin, can pick and choose which components of the theme that you want. Maybe you like the controls pushed to right, or the rulers re-arranged, or one of the various colour schemes but you don't want anything else. With theme components, you can just add theme components you want.

For example, the following will completely re-create my "Minimal" theme when added to the jbrowse.conf, no downloads/installation necessary:

location = https://cdn.rawgit.com/jbrowse-themes/ThemeComponent-RightAlignedControls/e4008f336b07d6c99983043dcdec7f57182ce4d3
location = https://cdn.rawgit.com/jbrowse-themes/ThemeComponent-Flat/1d495bb01af773f045f441bc20dec8281247be86
location = https://cdn.rawgit.com/jbrowse-themes/ThemeComponent-RearrangedRulers/18744363d3f7cbad6d787a7ceb05169a3704c3d9
location = https://cdn.rawgit.com/jbrowse-themes/ThemeComponent-DisableGrid/6bf3ef872dcd98d42d803f57f2dda010a8eabf3c
location = https://cdn.rawgit.com/jbrowse-themes/ThemeComponent-Colors-BlackWhite-BlueGreen/b6fa92426325491e124cea92392edeb65eda3c72

Lastly, I've created a GitHub organisation for maintaining all of the new theme components, and I will be syncing them with the JBrowse Plugin Registry (Just search for "Theme" and check out the live demos!) If anyone else is theming their JBrowses I would be happy to work with you on getting your CSS into re-usable plugins for the community.

Eric Rasche

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