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We are a job recruiting organization and we are currently seeking for individuals such as yourself to work with our organization as a part time worker performing customer service evaluation activities.

All we just recommend as will be right for you is that you must be over 18 years of age.You should be habitual with checking your email three times or more in a day to read updates from us and be honest.You will earn $100 on each transaction by being our customer service evaluator in the long run.Your employment packet includes business evaluation form and a training instructions which will always be sent to you via email each time you receive payment.More so,each assignment will only takes 1-2 hours and you will earn your $100.

A Paycheck will be sent  to you for your first evaluation by our finance associate company,you will be privileged to deduct your $100 salary and the rest will be used for the evaluation at the company that you will be instructed to go.This evaluation can take place 2-3 times in a week so you can end up earning for yourself close to $300 or more in a week.

To perform customer service evaluation while posing as a customer for the below listed companies:


These companies do contact and hire us to evaluate the customer service of their staff and for us to carry out the evaluation project we will need to hire individual like you to be our customer service evaluator.The evaluator poses as a customer but gathers research from a predetermined checklist that measures everything from employee performance to facilitate cleanliness to service quality,the information is then reported back to the hiring company.

Most people mistakenly think of a personal evaluator."A customer service evaluator is a person who acts like a real customer of a business but who is really evaluating the customer service of that business.It's not about the art of evaluating but the process and profit of evaluation.And this is done because of our short handed reach at the area concern around the globe.The employees so far are very well active to our supplementary requirement.

We are currently doing evaluation in every WESTERN UNION location world-wide.We always instruct our evaluator to evaluate according to the report made by different customers from various angle.Western union has being the talk of the town from almost all of their customers that send and pick money often,they were said to be slow,asking irrelevant questions and having bad customer relation.Regarding this,your first assignment is to proceed to any western union outlet near your location to find out about their operating system.You will get this done after you have cashed the check you will receive,you will deduct your salary of $100 and later take the remaining cash to the western union outlet to perform the evaluation by sending the rest fund to another evaluator (Info of the evaluator will be sent to you).During the time of sending the fund,you will be observing the agent that's attending to you and you should not let the agent know that you are observing him or her.

If you are interested,just mail back with the requested information below so that the payment for the fist assignment can be forwarded to you.

***Your real name:
***Contact Address (P.O.Box Not Accepted):
***Zip Code:
***Home Phone:
***Cell phone:

Thanking and expecting your favorable reply very soon.


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