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Dear Client,2397

Flap barrier is a good solution for pedestrian access control requirement. Passage in one or both directions electronically controlled. On receiving a signal from the access control system, or remote control, the arms open(Normally Closed NC.)If an unauthorized person tries to tailgate or attempts to enter from the opposite direction, the in-built alarm system is activated. if within the pre-set timeout no passage has occurred, the lane will close and reset.

Weekly speacial Offer:

Model: TF1003

Price: USD530/pc.

Warranty and Service
All products from Coremax come with 3 years warranty. We maintain complete spare parts and have a dedicated repairing department. Products that are broken (beyond warranty) can be repaired with a small fees.

Billy Jiang
Sales Director

CoreMax Technology 086-755-28080015  m: 008613145810964
www.turnstile-go.com  e: [hidden email]
B1 4F MaoYuan Industry HuanGuan South Road
Guanlan Long Hua new district BaoAn Shenzhen city China.

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