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[Gmod-gbrowse] GBrowse Chado adaptor version 0.26 released

Scott Cain
Hello all,

I am pleased to announce that I just released version 0.26 of the
GBrowse Chado adaptor (Bio::DB::Das::Chado).  It is required for use
with GBrowse 2.06.  In addition to fixes that are specific for GBrowse
2.06, it has several fixes that were included in the unannounced 0.24
and 0.25 releases.  The change file for all three releases is copied
below.  I uploaded it to CPAN earlier today, so I may take some time
to get to your favorite CPAN mirror.

Happy computing,

0.24 Wed Jun 17 03:29:06 EDT 2009
    - made the srcfeature method always return something; it no longer depends
      on the call to the constructor to set it.
    - Made using organism information more robust; now checks abbreviation
      and "genus species", and if it fails at everything, throws an error.
    - Added an option to the Chado constructor called -reference_class that
      allows the user to specify what feature type_id to use as the srcfeature.
      For example, if you have motifs mapped to a polypeptide and that
      polypeptide mapped to a region, you can speicify either "region" or
      "polypeptide" for the reference_class.  Note that this does not
      automatically turn on recursive mapping, so by default, the motifs
      wouldn't be visible on the region.  I honestly don't know for sure if
      recursive mapping still works--I haven't tested it in a long time.
    - Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented GBrowse from finding the subfeatures
      of features (like mRNAs of genes couldn't be found).

0.25 Thu Apr 29 22:10:43 EDT 2010
    - Bumping version number to make CPAN happy.

0.26 Fri May 14 11:37:37 EDT 2010
    - Making the dbh method in Chado.pm create a db handle if one doesn't
      already exist (it is not clear to me how this happens, since the
      constructor for Chado.pm is supposed to create it, but whatever).
    - Silenced uninit squawks when gbrowse_details page is rendered

Scott Cain, Ph. D.                                   scott at scottcain dot net
GMOD Coordinator (http://gmod.org/)                     216-392-3087
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research


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