[Gmod-gbrowse] Not loading fasta data into a gbrowse database

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[Gmod-gbrowse] Not loading fasta data into a gbrowse database

Wes Barris
I normally do not load fasta data into our mysql gbrowse database.
The only downside of this is that I receive around 20 warnings
and errors in the web server logs each time a gbrowse_details page
is displayed.  In order to prevent this from happening, I hack a
couple lines of code into cgi-bin/gbrowse_details around line number

     my $db    = $self->source->open_database() or return;
     my ($seg) = $db->segment($ref,$start,$end) or return;
     warn("Seq data disabled -- Wes\n"); #HACK
     return ''; #HACK
     return $seg->seq if eval {$f->target && $f->strand < 0 && $f->target->strand < 0};
     return $strand >= 0 ? $seg->seq : $seg->seq->revcom;

Is there a cleaner way to prevent these errors short of loading fasta
Wes Barris


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