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Naama Menda
last time we had a phone meeting, back in May 
there was a suggestion regarding the phenotype module 
to add a type_id to phenotype_cvterm (solve the post-composed terms issue . Need this to specify the relationship between the phenotype and the cvterm)
and to think over adding phenotypeprop, but as a standard prop table (without cvalue_id)

Is anyone using these tables this way ? 

I am currently using phenotype_cvterm for storing the units (using Unit Ontology terms) 
and I need phenotypeprop for grouping phenotypes for example by collection method (to be more specific, e.g. measurements of cross sections tomato fruits using software X)

Does this sound like a good cause for adding phenotypeprop? 

I know I could use nd_experimentprop, but querying will be easier if the prop is linked directly to the phenotype. Is  the method really a property of the phenotype, or the experiment? 

Any thoughts?


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