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Stephen Ficklin-2
Hi All,

I needed to add a lot of information to the resource bar on an organism
page for a site I'm working on.  I've done this in the past by adding a
CCK element and then updating the template. so that it sees the new CCK
element I added.  But, for folks who don't want to edit template files
to add items to the resources side bar I've added support for three CCK
fields automatically in the template files.

You can create the following CCK fields and add them to any Tripal node

resources_links (text, text field, unlimited, display off for teasers  &
resources_titles (text, text field, unlimited, display off for teasers  
& nodes)
resources_blocks (text, text area, unlimited, display off for teasers  &

The resources_links field will add a link to the resources bar that
simply links out to another page or site.  The format is the link title
followed by the URL, separated by a bar '|' character.

For the resources blocks you have to add titles for as many blocks as
you want to add using the resources_titles CCK field.  Then add the
content for each block using the resources_blocks CCK element. The
titles will be used for the block in the same order that they appear.


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