[Gmod-tripal-devel] Bug Fixes for Tripal v1.0

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[Gmod-tripal-devel] Bug Fixes for Tripal v1.0

Stephen Ficklin-2
Dear Tripal Users,

Despite having released Tripal v1.0 (6.x-1.0) earlier this month there
have been a few bugs which have been identified and corrected.   You can
upgrade your v1.0 instance of Tripal  to v1.0-fix1 (6.x-1.0-fix1) by
executing these two commands within your Tripal directory:

git fetch
git checkout 6.x-1.0-fix1

Additionally, a fix to the Tripal KEGG analysis module has been added as
well.  Download the newest archive from the Tripal Extensions page:
http://tripal.info/extensions/tripal_kegg_analysis. Alternatively, If
you installed the KEGG module using the Tripal tutorial you can upgrade
by issuing these two commands in the KEGG module directory:

git fetch
git checkout  6.x-1.0-tripal_v1.0-fix1

The KEGG module has a database fixe.  The easiest way to apply the fix
is to use the drush command inside the Drupal directory:

drush updatedb.

Please feel free to email the mailing list if you have any questions.  
The online download and upgrade instructions have been updated
(http://tripal.info/download) as well as the Tripal tutorial


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