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Stephen Ficklin-2
Just FYI....  I added the ability to find features by name, uniquename
or synonyms using the URL.  Previously, we could only assign a single
URL to each feature (either by generic ID, name, uniquename, or
combination of organism/type/name).  You can still assign unique URLs in
this way but now you can also use the following URL to find any feature:

http://[your site]/feature/[id]  where [id] can be a feature name,
uniquename or synonym.   Tripal will then try to find the feature with
matching a synonym, name or uniquene. If only one feature is found the
user gets automatically forwarded to the matchin feature. If more than
one feature is found that matches a table listing all matching features
is shown to let the user select.  This makes it easy to link out of
things like GBrowse.


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