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[Gmod-tripal-devel] Implementing GMOD Restful API in Tripal

Lacey-Anne Sanderson
I am interested in implementing the GMOD Restful API as a Tripal module making all Tripal sites able to expose their data in a cross-MOD friendly fashion. The idea is that you can enable a Tripal module and any public data available through your website (stored in chado) is made available at http://yourtripalsite/gmodrpc/v<api version>... as described by the API. 

I'm wondering if the API described at http://gmod.org/wiki/GMOD_REST_API is in a stable enough state for me to start coding this module? Also, how close are the other versions to being ready for deployment on non-Tripal MODs?

My Design Plans:
Stage 1: Use the Drupal menu system to manage generating the URLs and the Tripal Chado API to supply the data for those pages.
Stage 2: Implement dynamically generated Tripal pages (organism/feature) based on data pulled from other MODs using the GMOD Restful API. This will allow Tripal sites to display data from other MODs in a seamless manner (Of course these pages will give credit and link to the MODs storing the data). An administration page will allow you to configure which MOD's you want to query -full web-address specification or selecting options from a form.

Lacey-Anne Sanderson
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