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[Gmod-tripal-devel] Modifying title in feature page

Sudhansu Dash-2
In our gene feature page I have a panel called 'Expression' coming from the tripal_analysis_expression module. 
This comes from the '#tripal_toc_title' => 'Expression' defined in $node->contents array  in the hook_node_view. The effect of this is that it appears as the panel label as well as the page title.

I want to have the page title for this panel modified to 'Expression ($feature->name)' while keeping the panel label unaltered.
How do I accomplish that?  Is there another markup element like '#tripal_toc_title' that specifies the page title that I can define here?
Even suppressing the page title while not affecting the panel label would serve my purpose.
(I have already tried putting '($feature->name)' below the page title: It works but not what I ideally want to do.)


Sudhansu Dash

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