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[Gmod-tripal-devel] Module Release: Tripal D3 (Pedigree Diagram)

Lacey Sanderson
Hi Everyone! 

There is finally an official release for the Tripal D3 (Pedigree Diagram) module highlighted at PAG. This module uses the d3.js library to draw pedigree tree’s on stock pages based on relationships stored in the stock_relationship table. It supports custom controlled vocabularies and allows site administrators to configure which relationships are shown and in which direction they should be followed.

Project Page & Download: https://www.drupal.org/project/tripald3

I hope this module will be useful to the community and, as always, Feedback is Welcome :)

Lacey-Anne Sanderson
Pulse Crop Breeding and Genetics
Phone: (306) 966-3208
Room 2C33 Agriculture
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Saskatchewan

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