[Gmod-tripal-devel] OBO file loader gives error on cardinality tags

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[Gmod-tripal-devel] OBO file loader gives error on cardinality tags

Mara Kim-2
Hello gmod-tripal-devel,

The OBO loader gives an error when trying to load a file that uses the cardinality tags.  For example, the UBERON ontology obo (http://berkeleybop.org/ontologies/uberon.obo) fails to load with the following error:
WD T_obo_loader: Could not find object term UBERON:0005170 {minCardinality="2"}

It appears that the obo loader is globbing up the cardinality tag as part of the object dbxref.

For more information about the cardinality tag, see the "relationship" tag in the [Term] stanza specification (http://oboformat.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/GO.format.obo-1_4.html).

Mara Kim

Biological Sciences
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN


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