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[Gmod-tripal-devel] Release of Tripal this Summer

Stephen Ficklin-2
Hi All,

I think it's time to plan a new release of Tripal (v0.4).  I'm thinking
we can do that this summer, possibly just before the GMOD Summer School
Workshop in August.  Here's what I see as new functionality we can include:

1.  Tab-delimited Bulk loader: loads any tab-delimited file into Chado.
2.  Support for Chado v1.2
3.  Publication module
4.  New feature pages (e.g. Markers, SNPs, etc...)
5.  Views Integration: allows for creation of tailored search pages &
custom view creation for Chado & materialized views.
6.  Full Drupal project status which will allow users to update modules
automatically through drush and recieve notifications in Drupal when
modules are out of date.
7.  Installer.  Will install Tripal and perform all steps (e.g. turn on
all modules, install chado, ontologies, etc).

Lacey, I'm sure I'm missing some things you've been working on.  Can you
add in what you think else should be included?


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