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[Gmod-tripal-devel] Summer Meeting Schedule, Mailing Lists & GitHub Issue Queue

Stephen Ficklin-2

Dear Tripal User's.

Typically we have a monthly call-in meeting for everyone to chat about Tripal core development, sharing of ideas, discussion of extension modules, etc.    I would like to propose that we pause these meetings until September.  Our next meeting would have been this Friday, June 2nd, but those of us working on the Tripal core code are actively trying to get the Tripal v3 release out within the next few weeks, and we would like the time.   Also, we typically have a lower attendance in the summer due to travels and I myself will not be able to make the July meeting and most likely will not have the time to prepare for the August meeting.    If there are any objections to reconvening in September please let us know and perhaps we can work something out. 

Also, as we discussed in previous meetings, we will be shutting down the [hidden email] and the [hidden email] mailing lists.   Those lists will not go away completely.  Archives will be available, but we will stop advertising and using them.   We will keep the [hidden email] mailing list (this one) to send announcements only.    So please stay subscribed for those!

In the past this list has served for folks to ask for help or report problems.  From this point on we'd like to ask that if you have questions or problems with Tripal that those discussion be submitted to the Tripal Issue queue at https://github.com/tripal/tripal/issues.   This is better way for us to keep track of questions and issues. 

Thanks much!

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