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Kucheran, Lacey Sanderson
Hi Everyone,

I took a little bit of time over the past couple of weeks and added basic site-wide search support for Tripal 2.0. This is currently only available in the development version (not quite ready for production) but a Tripal release should be coming soon. You can find documentation in the Tripal 2.0 User Guide which shows you both how to set it up and how to customize it.

Essentially, Tripal 2.0 now has integration with the Drupal Search API which allows both a simple database-based search as well as more advanced solutions such as Apache Solr or Elastic Search. By default, all the name fields and base foreign keys (i.e.: type, organism, dbxref) are made available for indexing. You can control which fields get indexed through the Search API Index interface by checking or unchecking checkboxes. You can make additional chado fields available to be indexed by either implementing a simple hook where you just list the fields you want made available or a slightly more complicated hook which gives you complete control —both methods are included in the tutorial.


Lacey-Anne Sanderson
Pulse Crop Breeding and Genetics
Phone: (306) <a href="tel://966-3208">966-3208
Room 2C33 Agriculture
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Saskatchewan

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