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Guignon, Valentin (Bioversity-France)



After  our « Codefest » at PAG I had some thoughts regarding the Search API and Tripal 2.

Tripal 3 will handle entities and will be Search API compatible but Tripal 2 is currently not.

Lacey and Stephen already have a lot to deal with and spending a lot of time on a temporary solution for Tripal 2 is not what we really need.


I thought about a Drupal module that would be able to index the output of views and since Tripal 2 support views, we would be able to index what we need. I shared this idea with the Drupal community and had some interesting feedback from the Search API maintainer. That might interest anyone dealing with data to index using Drupal and the Search API.




I thought we could only index entities but we can also index data without having them look like entities. We just need to implement a data source controller plugin (SearchApiDatasourceController). That might interest especially people who would like to index data outside Chado without implementing a new entity type.


While we are waiting for new forums on Tripal.info for threaded discussions, I invite people who are willing to create or use a (temporary) generic search engine for Tripal 2 to follow (click the “Follow” link) and/or reply on this issue:


in the Tripal issue queue.





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