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[Gmod-tripal-devel] Tripal API documentation & Admin Summary Charts

Lacey Sanderson
The API documentation (api.tripal.info) has been updated to this most recent release :)

One of the newest API functions is tripal_add_d3js() which should be used (usually in the preprocess function for a template) to add the d3.js javascript for data visualization. Since data visualization is such an important part of Tripal sites we intend to develop our own API to provided site-wide configuration of visualization colours and consistent tooltips and legends. This API function is the first step towards that :) NOTE: This makes D3.js a soft requirement of Tripal. This means that d3.js will be added by referencing the hosted file on d3js.org (or cdns.cloudflare.com for SSL). If you would like to host d3.js locally (recommended) then you need the Libraries API and would place the d3.v3.min.js file at sites/all/libraries/d3js/d3.v3.min.js.

Our first foray into adding d3.js visualizations to Tripal was to add a feature summary bar chart to the feature admin page: a stacked bar chart (image attached). This chart is based on the organism_feature_count materialized view. Would you find specialized charts summarizing each chado content type useful? What would you like to see? There is a poll on tripal.info if you would like to submit your opinion anonymously. Also, please send your comments/opinions/suggestions to this mailing list :).


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