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[Gmod-tripal-devel] Tripal git migration

Oleksiy Golovin
Hello Tripal developers,
Would you like to have your commit history imported from SVN to the new GIT repository?
As part of the git migration we have to follow standards of drupal.org as described here:

which requires your email address that you registered with your drupal.org account and a nick that you'd like to use. This drupal.org doc says that you should use your full name for your nick, but that is up to you.
I will also need the username that you used for the svn, to match up the commits from svn.
If you do not have a drupal.org account yet, and would like to commit and/or keep the commit history, you need to create one.

Please send your preferred nick, email address registered with drupal.org as well as the svn username as follows:

drupal.org registered email: [hidden email]
git preferred nick: john
svn username: john



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