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[Gmod-tripal-devel] Tripal v2.1 released!

Stephen Ficklin-2

Dear Tripal Community,

Tripal v2.1 is now available!  This release provides major bug fixes as well as support for Chado v1.3.   Here are links to upgrade instructions:

Please remember to back up your sites before upgrading and it's always best to try your upgrade on a developmental copy first.

Additionally, we have made new releases of the Tripal Analysis Blast, GO, InterPro and KEGG modules.   Please consider upgrading those as well if you use them. Instructions for updating those are also provided in the links above.   Some new visualizations have been provided for some of these modules thanks to contributions by some of you!

The Drupal issue queue will no longer be used to track bugs or feature requests.  If you notice any problems with this release please help us by reporting them to our GitHub issue queue:  https://github.com/tripal/tripal/issues

We have added a new 'Powered by Tripal' block in this new version.  Please consider adding this block to the footer section of your site.  If you prefer to use something other than the block I've attached several images to this email for your to consider placing on your sites.

Thank you to those who provided bug fixes and pull requests!

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