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Hello everyone

Victor Unda
Hello everyone, 

I hope you had a great break and Happy New Year.

My name is Victor Unda. I am a new member of the Tripal development team here at Washington State University. My role is to provide official outreach, training and support for Tripal and provide development for it as well!   I would like to remind everyone that in lieu of our January User's Meeting we are holding a hackathon and face-to-face users' meeting in San Diego just before the Plant and Animal Genome Conference.  For those of you attending, the Hackathon is on Thursday, January 12 and our Users' meeting is Friday, January 13 from 8:00 to 5:00pm. For more information please visit this link: http://tripal.info/node/328

If you are active in your Twitter account, use the hashtag: #tripal@hackathon



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