How to configure "Orthologues and View homologues in other Mines"

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How to configure "Orthologues and View homologues in other Mines"

Pengcheng Yang

Dear InterMiners,

In FlyMine, there are links to the genes in other species which can be viewed as a table in my Mine, and also viewed as a list in other Mines. As the following picture displayed.

In my TestMine, I have created a test list as。 In the table widget of Orthologues, it is OK to click the number of the genes, there will open a new window to display the content of these genes. However, in the upper right of the page (following picture), clicking the links gives nothing. It is expected that clicking this number will display the list analysis results of these genes, just like that performed in FlyMine.

Another problem is how to configure the "View homologues in other Mines", as displayed in FlyMine.

I have deposited the configuration files to github at

Any help will be appreciated.



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