ISGA 1.3.2 available for download

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ISGA 1.3.2 available for download

Chris Hemmerich

ISGA 1.3.2 is now available for download at

With this release, we have moved our development and downloads to
SourceForge. For the time being, installation instructions will still be
hosted at the CGB and are available at:

To reiterate the changes in 1.3.2 compared to the previous version of ISGA
available for download -

New Prokaryotic Annotation Pipeline Release:
   - All calls to wu-blast programs have been replaced with NCBI blast
   - We have enabled the pathway image output for Asgard
   - Reference databases have been updated
   - Improved validation and auto-correction of Fasta input
   - Streamline output-generation and include more information in summary

Other New Features:
   - Pipelines are now modular and can be installed independently of the
     ISGA installation process
   - Workbench interface has been standardized to make adding new tools
   - Added PhyloEGGS tool for studying gene clusters across phylogenies
     of prokaryotes.
   - Added ability to "upload" files to ISGA by providing a URL
   - Fixed several instances where large files were read in entirety into

  Chris Hemmerich

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