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ISGA Updated to 1.3

Chris Hemmerich

The ISGA demonstration site available at

has been updated to version 1.3 . In the coming weeks we will integrate
any bug fixes and release 1.3 for local installation.

New Prokaryotic Annotation Pipeline Release:
  - All calls to wu-blast programs have been replaced with NCBI blast
  - We have enabled the pathway image output for Asgard
  - Reference databases have been updated
  - Improved validation and auto-correction of Fasta input
  - Streamline output-generation and include more information in summary

Other New Features:
  - Pipelines are now modular and can be installed independently of the
    ISGA installation process
  - Workbench interface has been standardized to make adding new tools
  - Added PhyloEGGS tool for studying gene clusters across phylogenies
    of prokaryotes.
  - Added ability to "upload" files to ISGA by providing a URL
  - Fixed several instances where large files could be read into memory

A full list of new features, and bug fixes will be included in the
downloadable release.

  Chris Hemmerich

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