Illegible formatting of bases on zoomed-in segments glyph

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Illegible formatting of bases on zoomed-in segments glyph

Sam Hokin
Hi, I hope I can attach to an email to the list, because without it this is pretty hard to envision. I'm running a stock GBrowse2 on
a Google Cloud Debian machine - works great for the most part, all the stuff needed came down from the repo. The one issue I'm
running into is that I can't make out the bases of reads when I zoom in. They're made with this section in the config,
feature=match, glyph=segments. The glyph works fine when zoomed out, but when zoomed in it shows a lot of overlapping tiny-font text
for the bases along with solid color from the overlapping reads.

Any suggestions?

feature        = match
category       = Fowler Silk_Pollen_RawRNAseqData:FC1154_May2014
citation       = Fowler Lab, Oregon State, FC1154_May2014 read set. PollenCL: B73 pollen only (techrep2)
database       = FC1154_May2014.PollenCL
key            = PollenCL READS: B73 pollen only (techrep2)
bgcolor        = orange
fgcolor        = orange
glyph          = segments
draw_target    = 1
show_mismatch  = 1
mismatch_color = red
bump           = fast

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