Image map width problems with diamond glyph

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Image map width problems with diamond glyph

Richard Hayes

We have a number of tracks displaying SNP data where we switch to the diamond glyph above a 5 kb zoom level due to too much crowding. See for example:;stop=50828;ref=Chr01;width=800;version=100;flip=0;grid=1;id=6b5f58980b1cf1b09f1d86c814c39014;l=93-968_SNP%1ETranscripts%1EAlt_Transcripts%1EPASA_assembly

We have balloon popups displaying SNP metadata and noticed that the mouse cursor often has trouble finding the spot to trigger the balloon. >From a look at the imagemap and the result of turning DEBUG_RECTANGLES on in Bio::Graphics::Browser2::RenderPanels, the diamond glyph is getting a region one pixel wide and ten pixels high (using the default height=0 glyph parameter). A screenshot of the debugging rectangles for the same region above is attached.

Is there a configuration option for this glyph that would increase the imagemap width to the same as the height, or am I perhaps missing something else? All help is appreciated.

This is Gbrowse v2.52 and Bio::Graphics v2.31.


Richard D. Hayes, Ph.D.
Joint Genome Institute / Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

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