InterMine 0.94.1 release coming

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InterMine 0.94.1 release coming

Richard Smith
Hi all,
Since releasing InterMine 0.94 (which has some great new features,
see here: we've had some
reported issues with upgrading.

We're working on a bug fix release that will be out before the end
of the week.  We're doing some more testing now.  The main issues
this fixes are:

- updates to PostProcess code so it compiles with only the core model
classes (automatic generation from SO has made models more specific)
- errors when importing template query XML that contains subclass
- fixes to the upgrade script.

You won't need to do anything to upgrade from 0.94, just svn switch
your checkout and the fixes will take effect.

Thanks and apologies for any problems,

The InterMine developers.

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