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InterMine 1.4 + future plans

Julie Sullivan

We're happy to announce the release of InterMine 1.4. Here's the full
list of changes and additions:

We've added some advanced features and as such do NOT recommend you
upgrade your InterMine installation unless you are using Tomcat 7 and
Postgres 9.x.

This release does not have any model changes but there are some config
updates you must do. See the upgrade instructions for details:


Here is a roadmap of the 2015 InterMine releases:

The next release (1.4.1) will be ready for testing in a few weeks, and
contain all the JavaScript updates / tickets we weren't able to fit into
this release.

Google has deprecated OpenID 2.0 and will shut it down in April 2015, so
we're going to have a release to migrate that to their new system.

And finally we're going to have a largeish, disruptive release over the
summer - InterMine 2.0.

These are all tentative dates, we'll keep you posted on any changes.

Julie + and InterMine team

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