InterMine 2.0 - NOT backwards compatible!

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InterMine 2.0 - NOT backwards compatible!

Julie Sullivan-2
Hi devs,

We have some really exciting projects planned for InterMine!! We have
some blog posts coming up to fill you in on the details -- most of which
was covered at the InterMine dev conference.

As we go forward we're making some significant changes to the core
InterMine code.

If you have mine-specific code in bio/sources or yourmine/webapp, that's
fine. You are safe.

However if your mine requires custom code in /intermine or /bio, please
contact me ASAP. We can either migrate your code for you, or pull your
custom code into the main InterMine code repository.

==> But you won't be able to migrate to InterMine 2.0 if you have custom
code in the core InterMine codebase. <==

We hope to have InterMine 2.0 released by the end of the summer. So let
me know now if you think this will be trouble for you!


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