InterMine Community call - Thursday @ 12 pm EDT

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InterMine Community call - Thursday @ 12 pm EDT

Julie Sullivan-2
Hello all,

We have a call tomorrow, here's the agenda and call in information:

We're going to talk about the tool API (how to share tools) and Josh has
made more progress on the my account section in blue genes. Please try
it out! Specifically we're interested in your thoughts on tags vs.
folders -- the blue genes URL is in the agenda.

Yo is going to talk a bit about outreach. Is there interest in an
InterMine webinar? Also if anyone is going to PAG, we could use some help!

Then community members will be updating us on their progress. If you
would like to share your own progress, or have a discussion topic,
please add to the agenda!

Talk to you tomorrow!


     09:00 PDT
     11:00 CDT
     12:00 EDT
     16:00 GMT
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