InterMine Community outreach call on Thursday!

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InterMine Community outreach call on Thursday!

Yo Yehudi-2
Hey everyone!

TL;DR: Community call thurs. Non-techie. Skip to bottom for agenda, time, & joining link.

This is your friendly reminder that we're having a community outreach call this Thursday at 5PM UK time. This is focused on communities, not the intricacies of InterMine code. We'd love to have as many community members represented as possible, so please share with your curators, enthusiastic users, and come along yourself ;) 

We'll also be featuring a couple of speakers - Jacqueline Campbell will be sharing her approach to community outreach from a legume perspective and Wayne Decatur will talk about his work using YeastMine and Jupyter notebooks + binder

I also have a little request for help, if you have a few minutes. If you look at the agenda, there's a section for Google Summer of Code, around line 39. We have a few links to the works-in-progress from students who would value early feedback and direction. Please take a look! In particular, one project aims to make a tool that can take a natural language sentence - e.g. "Show me all the Genes associated with Diabetes" and convert it to an InterMine query. To do this, we need more sample data - and you might have some already if you use InterMine. More details on the problem here: 

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