InterMine data model call - Thursday, 24 January 2019 (GWAS)

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InterMine data model call - Thursday, 24 January 2019 (GWAS)

Julie Sullivan-2
Hi all

Per our discussion on the last community call, every 3rd Thursday we are
going to have an InterMine conference call solely dedicated to
discussing the InterMine data model.

PAG ( is happening next week making
everyone busy so instead we are going to move this meeting to the
following Thursday, 24 January.

Here's the agenda:

First Rachel is going to talk about how we've modelled GWAS data in
HumanMine and why. Then Andrew can talk about their data, what it looks
like etc. We'll also talk about what sort of queries we need and data
visualizations for these data. (Manhattan plots).

If you have GWAS data or plan to load GWAS data ever, please join the call!


PS. If you plan to load new data types, please let me know and we can
add to the agenda or schedule another call.
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