Is Maker running without progressing?

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Is Maker running without progressing?



I am running MAKER for 3 weeks on a large plant genome with a significant evidence dataset, my job seems in appearance to be running properly as it uses the allocated CPUs and the run folder is actualized every minute. However, MAKER stopped writing in the logfile after one day (in the middle of a step, see below). It is actually the second time I have the problem, I killed a first time the job as the logfile didn't change in a week and launched back the annotation based on the previous run repository.

As it has been three weeks since it runs without visible results, would it be possible that the process is running without making any progress? Is there a way to assess the annotation state?

Logfile end:
total clusters:2 now processing 0
 ...processing 0 of 3
 ...processing 1 of 3
 ...processing 2 of 3
total clusters:2 now processing 0
 ...processing 0 of 2
 ...processing 1 of 2

Could you help me?

Here are the logfiles of the two analysis:

Thank you for reading this message.

Best regards,

Loïc Meunier

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