JBrowse 1.10.12 released - IMPORTANT, PLEASE UPGRADE

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JBrowse 1.10.12 released - IMPORTANT, PLEASE UPGRADE

Robert Buels-2
Hi all,

JBrowse 1.10.12 has been released, and we are asking all users of
JBrowse 1.10.7 and higher to please upgrade to this release as soon as

The story behind this is a bit embarassing: I discovered today that
JBrowse releases 1.10.7 through 1.10.11 shipped with usage analytics
reporting disabled. This is a little piece of code that tracks how many
installations and users of JBrowse there are, and the data it provides
is absolutely crucial for the JBrowse project, because we use it to try
to convince funding agencies that JBrowse is a project worth funding.

So, yes … this release has analytics reporting re-enabled. There are
also a few other minor improvements and bug fixes. Please upgrade to
this ASAP if you are using JBrowse 1.10.7, 1.10.8, 1.10.9, 1.10.10, or
1.10.11, because we really need that analytics data.

It can be downloaded from http://jbrowse.org/jbrowse-1-10-12.

# Release 1.10.12     2013-12-10 16:09:42 EST5EDT

## Minor improvements

  * `bam-to-json.pl` and `flatfile-to-json.pl` now support a
    `--metadata` argument that can add a `metadata` stanza to track
    configurations they generate.

  * Multi-valued attributes in default feature detail popups are
    displayed as a string of boxes, each containing a value, to avoid
    misinterpretation.  Thanks to Cris Lawrence for pointing out the
    need for this.

## Bug fixes

  * Re-enabled usage analytics reporting, which had been disabled by a
    stray piece of debugging code since the 1.10.7 release.

  * Fixed a bug in which the tooltip in canvas-based feature tracks
    would sometimes display incorrect label or description text.

Happy browsing.  ;-)

Robert Buels
Lead Developer
JBrowse - http://jbrowse.org