JBrowse 1.10.6 released

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JBrowse 1.10.6 released

Robert Buels-2
Hi all,

JBrowse 1.10.6 has been released, with some important bug fixes.

It can be downloaded from http://jbrowse.org/jbrowse-1-10-6

# Release 1.10.6     2013-10-07 21:06:51 EST5EDT

## Minor improvements

  * Made the `impliedUTRs` option for ProcessedTranscript and Gene
    glyph still attempt to create UTRs if only '''one''' of the UTRs is
    missing from a transcript.  Thanks to Ben Booth for pointing out
    the need for this.

## Bug fixes

  * Fixed bug in which the mouseover value displays for Wiggle and
    SNPCoverage tracks would not always be hidden when the mouse leaves
    the track.

  * Fixed a bad bug that prevented fixed-scale Wiggle and SNPCoverage
    tracks from displaying.  Thanks to Jean-Jack Riethoven and Michael
    Axtell for pointing this out.

Happy browsing.  ;-)

Robert Buels
Lead Developer
JBrowse - http://jbrowse.org