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JBrowse 1.11.1 released

Robert Buels-2
Hi all,

JBrowse 1.11.1 has been released, with a number of bug fixes and some
nice improvements to Alignments2 tracks. Most of the Alignments2
improvements were thought up by Keiran Raine at Sanger, thanks Keiran!
Thanks also to Cris Lawrence and Richard Hayes, who were helpful in
finding some other bugs and opportunities for improvements.

It can be downloaded from http://jbrowse.org/jbrowse-1-11-1.

## Minor improvements

  * Alignments2 tracks now include right-click menu items to view the
    location of an alignment's mate pair or next segment in a popup or
    a new tab.  Thanks to Keiran Raine for suggesting this (issue #406).

  * Alignments2 tracks now draw gaps and deletions in reads regardless
    of zoom level, as long as the alignment is at least 3 pixels wide
    in the display.  Thanks to Keiran Raine for pointing out the need
    for this (issue #403).

  * Added support for a `histograms.max` variable for
    CanvasFeatures-based tracks that can be used to manually set the
    max value of a histogram display.  Thanks to Keiran Raine for
    pointing out the need for this.

  * Added support for drawing clip markers (with their color set by
    `histograms.clip_marker_color`) in CanvasFeatures-based
    tracks. Thanks to Keiran Raine for pointing out the need for this
    (issue #402).

  * Canvas-based feature tracks now try to draw histograms, if
    available, when the data backend throws a data-overflow error (like
    when the BAM backend exceeds the chunkSizeLimit).  Thanks to Keiran
    Raine for motivating this (issue #405).

  * Make it easier to set JS loading baseUrl by moving it into the
    initial dojo configuration.  Thanks to Jillian Rowe for pointing
    out the need for this.

  * Enhanced new text-based config syntax to support arrays of values
    in a list like:

         sources =
           + data/mymeta.csv
           + data/more_meta.csv

## Bug fixes

  * When a number is typed into the location box, JBrowse first checks
    if it is the name of a feature in the names index, and only
    interprets it as a coordinate if it is not found in the names
    index.  Thanks to Richard Hayes for pointing this out (issue #407).

  * Fixed bug that caused client-side GFF3 tracks to appear as
    "Loading" forever if the GFF3 is malformed (like malformed GFF3
    files that are opened with the File->Open tool).

  * Fixed bug in which no default value for
    `maxFeatureSizeForUnderlyingRefSeq` was being set, which made
    default feature detail popups try to fetch and display a feature's
    underlying reference sequence even if it is way too large, unless
    the variable was set explicitly in the configuration.

  * JBrowse now shows a more understandable error message when trying
    to open an uncompressed BAM file.  Thanks to Keiran Raine for
    pointing this out (issue #404).

  * Fixed jbrowse.conf faceted track selector configuration examples
    not working as written.  Thanks to Cris Lawrence for pointing this

  * Fixed a bug in which right-clicking on feature labels in an
    HTMLFeatures-based track did not bring up the right-click menu for
    a feature.  Thanks to Cris Lawrence for pointing this out (issue

Happy browsing.  ;-)

Robert Buels
Lead Developer
JBrowse - http://jbrowse.org