JBrowse 1.9.7 released

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JBrowse 1.9.7 released

Robert Buels-2
Hi all,

JBrowse 1.9.7 has been released, with an important fix for a race
condition that intermittently causes some NCList-based tracks to show
the wrong genomic region when the browser is first started, and a fix
for a bug in how JBrowse plugin paths are calculated.

It can be downloaded from http://jbrowse.org/jbrowse-1-9-7

Changes in this release:

  * Fixed a bug in which the initial viewing location (passed from a
    URL parameter or similar) is not always set correctly in all parts
    of the browser.  Thanks to Steffi Geisen for pointing this out.

  * Fixed a bug in which JavaScript paths for plugins were incorrectly
    calculated when a `baseUrl` global configuration variable was set.
    Thanks to Matt Bomhoff for pointing this out.

Happy browsing.  ;-)

Robert Buels
Lead Developer
JBrowse - http://jbrowse.org