Javascript NPM 'Kik' developer drama

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Javascript NPM 'Kik' developer drama

davies d.s. (dsd2g13)

Basically, if you have issues compiling Javascript projects of late, this could be why.

Daniel Davies
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The Dorset Constructorium

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Freedom of Form: an evolution revolution

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   1. Re: I am bouncing? (sergio contrino)


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dear joe (and others),
we had an issue with the mailing list that should be resolved. everybody
should be getting list messages now.
if you don't think this is happening please let us know (at least joe
should be able to confirm..).

On 22/03/16 14:50, Joe Carlson wrote:

> Hi,
> I got an email saying that email to [hidden email] has been bouncing. The address is still good. Can you get me back on the list?
> (I was wondering why the list was quiet.)
> Thanks,
> Joe

sergio contrino                  InterMine, University of Cambridge 


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