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Sofia Robb-4

Can someone tell me what files and file formats are supposed to be in the heir.tar.gz file that used to be available from the KAAS server?

I downloaded each of the Brite kegg files and packages them up and tried to run the KEGG module loader. it started to work, said it was done but I have no KEGG data in my db.


Running as user 'administrator'
Calling: tripal_analysis_kegg_parseHierFile(32, /var/other_data/Smed/transcriptomes/smednr/analysis/KEGG/1455067043.smednr.hier.tar.gz, http://simrbase.sgc.loc, , , 0, 13, 110)

NOTE: Loading of this KEGG/KAAS heir file is performed using a database transaction.
If the load fails or is terminated prematurely then the entire set of
insertions/updates is rolled back and will not be found in the database

Unpacking heir file...
Counting Files...
Preparing database...
Parsing KEGG file, q00536.keg, 42 of 42  (100.0000%). Memory: 31,443,064 bytes

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