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Merging new source additions

Alex Batchelor

Solved the problem.  I had a number at the start of one the attribute names in part of the additions.xml I didn't show below.  Sorry, should have noticed that before!



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Subject: Merging new source additions
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 12:02:01 +0100
From: Alex Batchelor [hidden email]
To: [hidden email]


I'm having problems merging a new data source additions file into my genomic model.  I've done this with previous new data sources and had no problems.

The source type is: intermine-items-xml-file

When I run:

> ant clean build-db

I get this error:

[merge-source-models] merging model additions from: ....

/var/tmp/ab26/src/intermine_0_97/imbuild/objectstore.xml:151: exception while invoking execute on org.intermine.task.ModelMergerTask

The last task carried out was to "[merge-source-models] merging model additions from..." for the source before the new one I'm adding.

The additions.xml for my new source looks like this:

  <class name="Mouse" is-interface="true">
    <attribute name="colonyPrefix" type="java.lang.String"/>
    <reference name="organism" referenced-type="Organism"/>
    <reference name="esCell" referenced-type="ESCell" reverse-reference="mice"/>
    <collection name="dataSets" referenced-type="DataSet"/>
  <class name="ESCell" is-interface="true">
    <collection name="mice" referenced-type="Mouse" reverse-reference="esCell"/>

Do you know what could be causing the build to fail?



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