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Jessica Wilson
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To Whom It May Concern,

Recently I went to the Metazome website. Sunpoint is in the business of assisting companies like yours build a powerful Internet presence by constructing websites and crafting marketing strategies. By taking several key steps we can help you create revenues through strong messaging and additional traffic.

When I visited your website I was able to experience what others do when they visit. Some of what I read and saw was great, but other things also caught my eye for the wrong reasons.

I would like to speak to you about your site for five minutes. During the telephone meeting I will offer a few suggestions that I am sure you will find helpful.

After looking over the site and analyzing all the strengths and weaknesses I feel you could be building more business if you make some simple changes.

For example your current website design is in many ways old-fashioned in its presentation. By adding more promotional writing and a newer layout you could re-engage your current customers who know you while attracting new website visitors. Also, by removing some biographical and informational text and using more marketing driven content you cause people to WANT to visit, call, or contact you.

With the implementation of new internet technologies, creating and owning a cutting edge website that works is both simple and affordable. Doing this would require little time or work on your behalf and your site could be completed in a short period of time.

I would appreciate an opportunity to help you with all of this.

Is there a good time when we can schedule a phone meeting and go over some ideas I have to help you?

If you are interested simply respond to this email or email me at [hidden email].

You can also visit our website and portfolio at

Thank You,
Jessica Wilson
Sunpoint Web Design
[hidden email]         


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