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Stephen Ficklin-2
Hi All,

I have setup a Doodle poll for the first of monthly Tripal meetings.  
Whoever wants to join in may click the link below to add their name and
dates available.  I'll let the poll sit open until Thursday July 19th
and then send out the meeting time that works best for everyone.

The times are in US Eastern time, but you should be able to change the
time zone to match where you are.

The meeting is open to anyone who participates in or is interested in
development of Tripal.   This first meeting will begin with a short
discussion on the next release of Tripal v1.0 slated for the beginning
of August.  The more lengthy topic will be to develop standards for for
new Tripal modules and extension modules.  We'd like to ensure a
consistent coding style and use of the Tripal API.   Modules that don't
meet the standards we devise will need to be adjusted before they can be
included as a Tripal module or marked as an "approved" extension
module.  We will also set a date and time for each monthly meeting.


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