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Nabble Archive of all GMOD Mailing Lists

Dave Clements
Hello all, 

Todd Harris has suggested moving GMOD's mailing lists to Google Groups.  I'll pass this suggestion on to my successor, whoever that might be.  This reminds me to announce the Nabble mailing list archive.

We have tried to overcome some of SourceForge and Mailman's scalability issues by creating a Nabble archive of all GMOD Mailing lists, no matter where they reside.  (Nabble also has all sorts of other capabilities that we aren't using yet, but that I'm hoping my successor can investigate.)  

The pan-GMOD archive is at:

This archive allows you to search all lists or a single list at a time.  You can't yet subscribe to email lists through the Nabble interface (although it tells you that you can).  The archive has messages since May/June 2010.

Please reply on GMOD-Devel if you have suggestions or comments.


Dave C

On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 1:04 PM, Todd Harris <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi Dave -

Might I suggest unifying all the GMOD mailing lists under Google Groups, including those from new projects?

I recently did just this for WormBase via an Education edition upgrade from Google.  The search, browsing, and admin- and user-level management functions of Google Groups make using mailman-based lists seem like a throw back to the BBS era.



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