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Natural Diversity Modules & Views Integration Staging Site

Lacey-Anne Sanderson

I have set up a site for development and distribution of the natural diversity modules (stocks/germplasm, genotypes, phenotypes) and views integration modules. This site provides project descriptions and progress, downloads, screenshots and real, working examples of the various modules. Furthermore, forums have been set up for testing of the modules, as well as, any feature requests. All content on this site is viewable without registration and anonymous posting/commenting is enabled.

Anyone who is interested in these modules is encouraged to go to the staging site. Any feedback, either in the form of requests or bugs would be very appreciated and aid in the development of these modules. As a bit of a status update: both the stock and views integration modules have stable releases which are only missing a few features as indicated in their project descriptions.


Lacey-Anne Sanderson
Pulse Crop Breeding and Genetics
Phone: (306) 966-2430
Room 3D10 Agriculture
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Saskatchewan

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