New Apollo Release 2.0.0(JB1.11.6)

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New Apollo Release 2.0.0(JB1.11.6)

Monica Munoz-Torres
 We are please to announce the release of Apollo 2
Dear colleagues,

This release is a major rewrite of the Apollo 1.0.x backend, focused on making the framework more scalable and interoperable while maintaining the core functionality that annotators have come to expect. Apollo 2.0.0 also brings new functionality that continues to improve the user experience. 

The following are some of the new features in Apollo 2:
- As mentioned above, a major rewrite of the backend using Grails, which is a scalable, high-concurrency framework based on Spring and Hibernate.
- Ability to support multiple organisms in a single application instance.
- The new Annotator Panel, a side-bar for viewing annotations, reference sequences, options for data export, and administrative functions.
- Permissions can now be given at the organism-level.
- Reporting, including customizable reports for annotations and .
- Single database integration (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, H2).
- Implementation of Websockets.
- Simplified configuration and installation.

We look forward to receiving your questions and suggestions.


If you currently have Apollo instances running, please be sure to read carefully through the updated documentation. 

* The latest release can be downloaded from GitHub at:

* Detailed, searchable documentation on pre-requisites, configuration, and installation guides for Apollo 2 can be found at:

* A detailed account of all changes, is available in the Apollo ChangeLog:

* Quick-Start Guide for Apollo 2: If you already have Apollo instances running, you can use your current JBrowse data directories. The quick-start guide is available at: 

* Migrate your annotations: A rewrite of the backend means you will need to migrate existing annotations from Web Apollo 1.0.x. Please find detailed information about migrating annotations at

Troubleshooting guide, GitHub issue tracker, Mailing List: 
- should you come across any problems, browse the Troubleshooting guide ( for answers, 
- open a GitHub issue at 
- or post your questions on the mailing list at [hidden email]  Please join the conversation by providing your contact information on this form.

* The Apollo User Guide is available at

Public Demo: If you are new to Apollo we encourage you to learn more about our software and its functionality by taking a tour of our Apollo Demo at

* These and more details are available from the README file on the Apollo repository:

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Mentorship Matters!
Monica Munoz-Torres, PhD.
Berkeley Bioinformatics Open-source Projects (BBOP)
Environmental Genomics and Functional Biology Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Mailing Address:
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road Mailstop 977
Berkeley, CA 9472


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