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New Apollo Release 2.0.5(JB#9334e76fd)

Monica Munoz-Torres
We are pleased to announce the latest Apollo release
Apollo 2.0.5 

Some of the new features include:
  • Numerous UI and performance improvements, including easier navigation between annotated elements via the Annotator Panel.
  • Better server and client-side reporting.
  • It is now possible to also include metadata on import.
  • Upgrade to Java 8 / GWT 2.8, and updated JBrowse. 
  • Apollo 2.0.5 uses the latest JBrowse commit as of 2016-12-09 (#9334e76fd). Use ./apollo clean-all or install from a formal release download for best performance.

Some important bug fixes:
  • Import script were logging preferences unnecessarily.
  • Improved security for non-public genomes.
  • Fixed for going between logged-out mode and the Annotator Panel while retaining history.
  • Improved display of sequence over the annotation after moving the annotation to the opposite strand.
  • Users will see a warning message when it is not possible to create an intron with canonical splice sites in the selected region.

* The latest release can be downloaded from GitHub at:

* Detailed, searchable documentation on pre-requisites, configuration, and installation guides found at: 

* A more detailed account of all changes is available in the Apollo ChangeLog: 

* Quick-Start Guide for Apollo 2.0.x: If you already have Apollo instances running, you can use your current JBrowse data directories. The quick-start guide is available at:

* Migrating existing annotations: Please find detailed information about migrating existing installations and their annotations at 

* Troubleshooting, GitHub tracker, Mailing List: 
* The Apollo User Guide is available at

* Public Demo: If you are new to Apollo we encourage you to learn more about our software and its functionality by taking a tour of our Apollo Demo at

* These and more details are available at the Apollo Website and the Apollo repository.

We look forward to your questions and suggestions. 


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