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New Apollo Release 2.0.6(JB#29795a1bbb)

Monica Munoz-Torres
We announce our latest release: Apollo 2.0.6

New features include: 
  • Improved workflow for optional display of JBrowse native tracks.
  • Improved options to navigate to annotations listed in the Annotations tab. 

A couple of important bug fixes:  
  • Fixes problems loading the list of available tracks (Tracks tab) when switching organisms, specially for slower connections.
  • Fixes naming for annotated genomic elements (other than protein coding genes) in the User-created Annotations area under various scenarios.

Apollo for Docker, AMIs:
  • Our Docker release has been updated and is available for download at:
  • Amazon Machine Images for Apollo 2.0.6 (Java 8, Tomcat 8, and Ubuntu 16.04) are being updated and will be available on AWS in most regions next week. 

Thank you!

We are very thankful to our community of users, admins, and developers who contribute daily to the improvement of our genome annotation editing tool.

Contribute to this project by visiting our GitHub tracker or writing to the Mailing List:

Learn More
Detailed, searchable documentation: pre-requisites, configuration, and installation guides:

* Detailed account of all changes available in the Apollo ChangeLog: 

Quick-Start Guide for Apollo 2.0.x: If you already have Apollo instances running, you can use your current JBrowse data directories. The quick-start guide is available at:

Migrating existing annotations: Please find detailed information about migrating existing installations and their annotations at 

* Troubleshooting guide available at

* Apollo User Guide is available at

* Public Demo: If you are new to Apollo we encourage you to learn more about our software and its functionality by taking a tour of our Apollo Demo at

* More information available on the Apollo Website and the Apollo repository.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


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