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Ken Youens-Clark
Dear CMap users,

As everyone on the CMap mailing list knows, CMap has not been updated in three years since the 1.01 release in July 2008.  Last year I spent a few months kicking around some ideas for a 2.0 version, but I never had the sustained development time to really make it happen.  I now am considering writing a grant to fund a couple years of full-time effort to produce a new 2.0 version with all the implied Web 2.0 goodness of a responsive, dynamic web application.

I would only want to ask for money if I believe there is a real need for a new version of CMap.  I can find more than a dozen sites running some version of CMap, and I wonder if some or all of these would be interested in contributing ideas to a proposed 2.0 version and upgrading to a new version should it become available.  If I could submit letters of support with my grant application or could show a real desire by the community to have a new version of the software as well as a list of requested improvements, I believe it would greatly help the chances for funding.  

If you are interested, please contact me off-list ([hidden email]).


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