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Dave Clements
Hello all,

Several action items came out of the recent GMOD Evo Hackathon, including the possible creation of new email lists.  I'm CC'ing this to every GMOD list that I think might care about the topics for the proposed new lists:

Proposed New Lists
1. Phenotype, Population, and Natural Diversity (PhenPopDiv, PPGaND?) 
2. Comparative Genomics and Phylogeny (CompGenPhylo)?

Both of the proposed lists are about research areas, rather than specific components.  For example, anything about phenotypes, be it storing them (Chado, InterMine, BioMart), visualizing them (GBrowse, JBrowse, Tripal, ...), or anything else, would be appropriate for the PhenPopDiv list.

This is both a strength and a weakness.  If you care about one of these research areas then you would now have a place to go to post questions and information.  However, if you care specifically and only about, say, Phylogeny in Chado, then it is no longer clear where you should send emails.  The safest option would be to post to both gmod-schema and to CompGenPhylo.

I think the advantages of the lists outweigh the drawbacks.  However, I'd like community input before doing anything.

If you have opinions or suggested revisions (large or small), please respond.


Dave C

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